Our Team

Karolina Hernández Chaves

General Producer

Executive Producer and Production Director at Dos Sentidos Productions. She holds a degree in Mass Communication with an emphasis in Media Production at the University of Costa Rica. She obtained an International Diploma in Film Production awarded by Programa Ibermedia (Panama, 2008), attended a workshop for film production and pichtching with Cinergia and CineFábrica Network (Nicaragua, 2009.

She has participated with he projects in prestigious venues such as the Talent Campus Guadalajara International Film Festival (Mexico, 2011), Cinergia Encuentros and Cinergia Lab (Costa Rica, 2013 / Award winning pitch), Morelia Lab (Mexico 2013) , BAQ Lab (Colombia, 2014 / award winning pitch), Panama Film Lab (2014) and Rotterdam Lab (Rotterdam 2014), Br Lab (Brazil, 2014).

She has produced television commercials, radio and film, as well as international festivals and film workshops, including Costa Rica International Film Festival “Paz con la Tierra” (2014).

She has developed several projects of independent film distribution, outreach and education. And her short films have won prizes in national and international festivals.

She is currently the Coordinator of Audiovisual Production at the Office of Communications and Marketing in the Costa Rica Institute of Technology and also an Executive Production Professor at the University of Costa Rica.

Gustavo Morales

Director, Producer and Screenwriter

Specialized in television production for European channels, Gustavo has worked as an editorial consultant, assistant director, line producer and fixer for the tv shows Faut Pas Rêver, Un Oeil Sur la Planète and Thalassa (channels 2 and 3 of France Télévisions), Walking the Americas Channel 4 in England) and the Deutsche Welle news for Latin America (Germany).

As a director, freshly graduated from the University of Costa Rica he was a finalist at the San José Film Festival (Costa Rica) in the short fiction and documentary categories. After that, he dedicated for several years to direct audiovisual productions on sustainable and social development. In this context, he was the videographer and photographer at the World Summit on Climate Change of the United Nations (cop21, Paris) for the delegation of Costa Rica and is currently developing a series of audiovisuals for the Grand Aquifer Maya (Mexico).

As a writer, he has participated with his feature film projects in the Br-Lab 2012 (Film Festival of Sao Paulo, Brazil) and the Icaro Central American Film Festival 2013. He has also worked as a consultant and co-writer for other Costa Rican filmmakers.

He has served as professor of Audiovisual Production at the National University of Costa Rica (program ICAT), the Universidad Creativa and the CATIE, as well as a corporate communication strategist and producer of television and national radio.

Fernanda Segura Acuña

Production Assistant and Graphic Designer

She graduated as a graphic designer at the Vocational School of Arts and Crafts (2012). Also, she is an advanced student of Mass Communication with emphasis in Media Production at the University of Costa Rica.

As a graphic designer, she has worked in organizations like Costa Rican Electricity Institute, the German Embassy (GIZ), the Startup Weekend, Student Federation of the UCR (FEUCR) and companies like ArcelorMittal. Currently she works as a freelancer in the areas of graphic design and photography. She develop the graphic image of the film August and is responsible for the graphic communication of the School of Economics at the University of Costa Rica

As a student of media production, she worked in the Interactivity Lab at the University of Costa Rica, fulfilling the role of producer and illustrator. It also develops the audiovisual project “Sharing the world of silence” at the hands of other students and in conjunction with the deaf community. She has collaborated on various audiovisual projects, mostly in the area of photography.

Andreina Villalobos Quirós

Production Assistant

Student of Communication Sciences with emphasis on Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication at the University of Costa Rica.

Journalist and content writer at the radio stations of the University of Costa Rica in 2013 and part of 2014. Current production assistant for the second season of the documentary series ARTS IN PERSPECTIVE from the Institute of Art Research of the University of Costa Rica.

Intern in communication tasks in Project Habesha Costa Rica.

Mauro Borges

Director, Screenwriter and Directors Assistant

Mauro Borges was born in 1985. At age 19, he started his studies on Film and Television at the Veritas University in San Jose, Costa Rica. He graduated with an emphasis on direction in 2009. In 2014 he graduated from the Film Institute in Madrid on screenwriting, directing and documentary. He has worked as an assistant director in the films “The Last Commander” (2010, Costa Rica), “Red Princesses” (2012, Costa Rica) and “The Ballroom” (Costa Rica, in process).

In 2010, he released “Arena,” a 15-minute film shot in 35 mm, which was the winner of the first “FUNDACINE Cinexpres” award. He was also selected for the Short Film Corner, Festival de Cannes 2010.

The following year, he worked as assistant director in the film “Red Princesses” (2012, Costa Rica) and as a director, writer and producer of the TV show “Thelma Darkins Entre Nos” (Channel 9 Costa Rica, 50 episodes, 2011- 2012 ). In 2012 co-he wrote the film “Bait” (Costa Rica, 2012) and was part of the writing team of the film “Hunting” (in process).

He has participated in international workshops in screenwriting, among them the graduate writing feature films, conducted by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA, 2012) and the course “Character Creation” given by the International School is Film and Television of San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba (EICTV, 2010).